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Is PPC a Good Investment for Dentists

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PPC, otherwise known as Pay Per Click, is an advertising medium that allows you to pay for incoming traffic to your website by the “Click”. Generally, each click may cost anywhere from a few cents to over $200 PER click. Dentists are typically paying  $5-10 per click for key phrases such as “City + Dentist” and “Dentist + City”. If your practice is handling PPC, that’s great. However, if you have hired a company to manage your PPC campaign, then you are over spending on patient acquisition. For the purposes of this article, it will be assumed that the dental office is managing the PPC campaign.

Why Use PPC?

PPC is a great tool (emphasis on tool) to generate a consistent and measurable flow of new patients every month. If your website doesn’t generate much traffic, then PPC is a great supplement to an existing dental marketing strategy. And if your website is established and optimized, PPC is still a great tool for practices interested in taking on even more patients.

DoctorHero’s advice for dentists is to invest more heavily in search engine optimization (SEO) to gain top rankings in the search engines. Once organic search engine traffic has been optimized and you are still interested in getting more patients in your dental office, then PPC is a viable option. The reasoning for this ideology is that once you stop paying for PPC, traffic to your website stops. If, however, you work with a talented and reputable organization that offers SEO, you can expect a strong return on investment for years after SEO services are discontinued.

Cost Per New Patient

Bright Smiles LLC in Brightside, CA (Fictitious Practice and City) has decided to invest in PPC advertising. Their monthly PPC budget is $1000. Here are the assumptions:

CPC (Cost Per Click) = $5-10

Website Conversion Rate (# of Clicks / # of New Patients) = 2%

@ $5/Click = 200 Clicks = 4 New Patients = $250/Patient

@ $7.5/Click = 133 Clicks = 3 New Patients = $333/Patient

@ $10.00/Click = 100 Clicks = 2 New Patients = $500/Patient

This example assumes your website is converting at 2%. However, a lot of dental websites don’t even convert at 2%. So let’s assume a 1% conversion rate. At $5/click you still get 200 clicks. But at the 1% conversion rate you get 2 new patients @ $500/patient. That’s a lot of money to spend on a new patient!

Balanced Online Marketing Strategy Key

The key to Internet marketing success is a balanced strategy that combines the power of search engine optimization (organic search engine traffic), PPC (Paid traffic), and a listing in a prominent business directories. Then combine your online strategy with an offline strategy such as dental mailers and a patient referral program to really give your dental marketing strategy a boost.

Written by Jenny Carlson

November 2nd, 2014 at 11:03 am

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